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    1. Top up online | 2degrees | 44. Choose the Magic Number

      • Top up and/or buy a 2degrees Value Pack with a NZ Credit Card or Visa Debit Card here.
      • 11. Enter a valid 2degrees mobile number. We'll send a text to this phone number to confirm that the credit or Value Pack has been added.


    2. Prepay Monthly Top Up Terms and Conditions | 2degrees Mobile

      • You can top up each Prepay Account once per calendar month for a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $100 per Payment.
      • If you change your Mobile Phone Number to another 2degrees Mobile Phone Number, the MATU Service will continue working on your new 2degrees Mobile Phone Number and...


    3. 2degrees

      • Your 2degrees has been updated. As part of improving our service to you we've switched from logging in with a mobile number to logging in with an email address. If you haven't already set up an email address login, hit the Register button to start.


    4. Making a payment | 2degrees Mobile | Set up a Direct Debit

      • If you’re not sure what your account number is, call 8355 from your 2degrees phone and we’ll confirm it for you. Internet Banking.
      • Use your account number (found on the top of your bill), when entering the particulars or reference number.


    5. Auto Top Up | 2degrees Mobile

      • To set up Monthly Auto Top Up, log into Your 2degrees. Select the mobile numbers you want to top up, and choose the day of the month you would like to top your phones up on. Then decide the amount you want to automatically top up each account with each month...


    6. Prepay | 2degrees Mobile

      • You can top up online, using our Mobile App, over the phone or at more than 200 locations nationwide.
      • You can keep your current number when you join 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.


    7. Bring your number | 2degrees Mobile

      • You can keep your current phone number when you join 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.
      • Just give them all the numbers you’re bringing to 2degrees and they’ll get you connected quickly so you won’t miss a call.


    8. Home | 2degrees Mobile | Kit and 3 months free valid with purchase of Samsung Galaxy S8 /S8+ between 17/07/17 and 24/08/17 or while stocks last. One Kit per phone. Kit not transferable/exchangeable.

      • Pay Monthly Plans Broadband Plans Prepay Online Top Up Pay Your Mobile Bill Coverage.
      • The new 2degrees Data Clock app lets you buy unlimited Prepay data by the minute, hour or day.
      • Standard NZ and Aussie mins and person to person text, excl. premium rate numbers.


    9. International Roaming | 2degrees Mobile | Cruise ship and In-flight roaming rates exclude calling and texting premium rate and satellite phone numbers.

      • If you need to top up abroad, you can either top up online with your credit card through Your 2degrees, or call +64 22 200 2000 to do it over the phone. Roaming calls to this number will be charged as per the rates shown in the table.


    10. How can we help today? | 2degrees Mobile

      • Getting started with 2degrees Business. Getting Started On Mobile Data. Bring your number. See more.
      • Auto Top Up. Spend Control. See more. Your Phone or Device.