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  1. Temporary Borrowing From a 401(k) for a Home Addition - Budgeting Money

    • When you’re adding on to a home, the home itself is one source of money to finance the addition. If you’ve built up equity in your home, you may qualify for a home equity loan. These loans often have lower interest rates than you’d pay on a loan from your 401(k)...


  2. 401k Calculator - Bankrate.com

    • Personal loans for bad credit. Use Calculators. Loan calculator.
    • How to pay for home improvements. Glossary. Investing.


  3. 401k loan payment | Credit Karma

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    • I had a 401k loan of 11k. As per the company policy, I need to pay the loan in full in 90 days otherwise face a tax penalty. In addition to that the 11k will also reported as an income.


  4. Paying for College: Should You Use Your 401(k), Home Equity Loan, Or Other Option | Money

    • Should I Pay for College With a 401(k) or Home Equity Loan?
    • In this way, you give up flexibility by utilizing a home equity loan to pay for college costs, in addition to running the risk of foreclosure on your home if you can’t pay back the loan.


  5. 401K loan for home renovation? - BabyCenter

    • I'm considering a 401K loan to bridge the gap between the money I have and the kitchen renovation I need/want.
    • Six years into home ownership, I do not have any meaningful equity in the house so a bank loan is out of the question.


  6. Loan

    • If the loan is for the purchase of your primary residence, loan repayments can be up to 10 years (a purchase does not include mortgage payments, refinances, or second home loans).


  7. Outstanding balance becomes taxable, if not repaid

    • What should you consider before requesting a 401(k) loan? § Your take home pay will be reduced by the loan repayment amount § There are harsh
    • In addition, employees and agents of SunTrust and its affiliates are not authorized to practice law, and, therefore, cannot prepare wills, trust agreements...


  8. Financial Ducks In A Row • Independent financial advice: IRA, Social Security, income tax, and all things financial

    • Home » 401k Loan versus Early Withdrawal.
    • In addition to this blog, you’ll find Jim’s writings all around the internet, as he is a regular contributor to Forbes.com, TheStreet.com, and FiGuide.


  9. 4 Good Reasons To Take Out a 401k Loan | Bankrate.com

    • Payments on 401(k) loans usually are taken directly out of your paycheck — on an after-tax basis — so you’ll want to be sure you can live without that money from your take-home pay. Mecca says that when clients ask him about the advisability of a 401(k) loan to raise capital...


  10. You literally owe it to yourself to repay a 401(k) loan. But will it lift your credit score?

    • Mortgage underwriting standards don’t consider 401(k) plan loans as long-term debt, so a 401(k) loan won’t affect your ability to finance or refinance a home loan. Get more news, money-saving tips and expert advice by signing up for a free Bankrate newsletter.