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  1. Middle School English & Language Arts Lesson Plans for Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade

    • English Lesson Plans for Middle School, Grades 6-8.
    • All have been carefully written and vetted by teachers and educators, and based on tried and true teaching experience in the classroom.


  2. Music Games for Middle School | Synonym | More Classroom Articles

    • Music games get middle school students enthused about the subject. Middle School Music curriculum gives students an opportunity to learn about musical rhythms, tempo, pitch, tone and a variety of musical styles and genres.


  3. 100+ Classroom Games for the School Year: Let's Make Learning Fun!

    • Middle School.
    • Back to School Art Games for High Schoolers. The Context Clues Challenge: Upper Grade English Class Game. Fun Classroom Math Games for Middle School.


  4. English-Zone.Com

    • Classroom Language Handout Print this handout of typical expressions used in a classroom. There is space for students to write translations.
    • Students love this game but it needs careful setup. Donated by Churchill House School of English.


  5. Vocabulary Games for High School | Synonym

    • Overview. In many high school English classes, students diligently work to learn the complex vocabulary necessary for college or to earn a high score on pivotal SAT or ACT tests.
    • Classroom Games for Middle School Language Arts.


  6. Games, Activities for ESL Classroom Teaching | School Subjects and Activities Game

    • ESL Interactive, Classroom Games, ESL Vocabulary, Grammar Games Online, Wheel of Fortune Games, Car Racing Rally Games, Jeopardy Games, High Energy Fun Games for Teaching English, Practice and Play, Games to Energize your Classroom Teaching, Educational Games...


  7. Free Classroom Games to help you Learn English

    • Whenever playing a game, take the opportunity to use English whenever possible.
    • Spread the numbers over the floor at the front of the classroom. Split the students into two teams and have
    • The student in the middle either calls out a day of the week, "school day", "weekend" or "every day".


  8. Adjective Games: Ideas for Fun Adjective Activities in the Classroom

    • Students generally see grammar as dry and boring. Use some of these fun adjective games to bring grammar to life in the classroom!
    • Middle School. English Lessons: Grades 6-8.


  9. Five Language Arts Games for Middle School Students

    • Middle School. English Lessons: Grades 6-8.
    • Here are some language games students in Middle School will enjoy. They can be used as springboard activities or enrichment for the topic discussed.


  10. ESL Games for Middle School | Fly Swatter Game Divide the class into two teams.

    • Lessons & Classroom Games for Teachers.
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