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    1. Приложения в Google Play – Google Chrome: быстрый браузер | Экономьте до 60% трафика, просматривайте страницы в режиме Безопасного просмотра

      Google Chrome – это удобный, быстрый и безопасный браузер. Он создан специально для Android. В Chrome вам доступны персонализированные новости, быстрый переход на любимые сайты, скачивание контента, а также встроенные Google Поиск и Google Переводчик.


    2. Descargar Videos de YouTube a MP3 y MP4 | Online YouTube Convertisseur

      • ¿Quieres descargar videos de YouTube.com en MP3 y MP4? ¡Estás en el lugar correcto!
      • Es muy fácil de usar. Entra en YouTube, elige el video a descargar a mp3, copia y pega la URL y deja que el programa haga su magia.


    3. Chrome Web Browser

      • Download for Android Download for iOS. Follow us. Chrome Family.
      • Dev and Partners. Chromium. Chrome OS.


    4. Google Chrome Android: adds compression download videos and websites. - YouTube

      • Como descargar videos de Facebook desde Google Chrome en ANDROID - Duration: 2:02. odnumde zitro 39,878 views.
      • how to download embedded videos on chrome android - Duration: 1:28.


    5. Convertidor de Vídeos YouTube – Convierte a MP3, MP4, AVI

      Convierte a MP3, MP4, AVI con nuestro Convertidor de Vídeos de YouTube. No es necesario descargar ningún software. ¡Fácil, rápido y gratis!


    6. Android Test Instructions

      • If you build with ninja -C out/android chrome_public_test_apk # You can run: adb logcat -d | CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR=out/android third_party/android_platform/development/scripts/stack # or export CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR=out/android adb logcat...


    7. Get the code: check out, build, and run Chromium.

      • Chromium supports building on Windows, Mac and Linux host systems. Linux is required for building Android, and a Mac is required for building iOS. The process for building Chrome is generally the same on all platforms, but each platform has a few quirks.


    8. Chrome News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker

      • Your favorite technology company, Google, is working on an upcoming feature that could put the kibosh on autoplaying videos for good.
      • You have to select your starting location, your destination, and your method of transport. But if you’re on Chrome, you can build three shortcuts to get directions right from...


    9. Android Debugging Instructions

      • Android Debugging Instructions. Chrome on Android has java and c/c++ code.
      • Chromium logging from LOG(INFO) etc., is directed to the Android logcat logging facility. You can filter the messages, e.g. view chromium verbose logging, everything else at warning level with


    10. Touch events in Chrome Android | Wilson Page

      • In Chrome Android our 'touchmove' event callback seemed not to be firing at all, and as a result the panning and swiping feature of our app was broken. After doing a quick timeline in Chrome Dev Tools I could see three events firing: 'touchstart', 'touchmove' and 'touchcancel'.