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    1. How to download a Dropbox folder someone shared me? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

      • You cannot download the entire folder without adding it to your Dropbox first.
      • Go to parent folder of the shared folder (for me it was dropbox.com/home)
      • Hover over the shared folder row


    2. Download the Dropbox desktop application – Dropbox

      • Desktop app and dropbox.com. Download the Dropbox desktop application.
      • Add files to your Dropbox folder and Dropbox will sync them with your account online. You can also access these files when you sign in to dropbox.com.


    3. Solved: Sharing folders without space - Dropbox Community - 124211

      • You can see or download everything in my example folder without it utilizing any of your storage space quota.
      • s) without adding to Dropbox (but this will not let you easily collaborate if that was the intended purpose of the share).


    4. Dropbox | Preview and download

      • Try Dropbox Business. Download the app.
      • Work on slides together. Edit a presentation with teammates without emailing files back and forth.
      • When you add people to the folder, its files will appear in their Dropbox as they do in yours.


    5. Syncing: an overview – Dropbox | Can Dropbox sync files that are outside of the Dropbox folder?

      • Add files into your Dropbox folder.
      • To download a file, you need access to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. If you need your files when a network isn’t available, make your important files available offline.


    6. Shared folder permissions – Dropbox

      • By default, members of a shared folder have edit permissions—they can can add, edit, or delete files. Sometimes you may want to let people view the files in your folder without being able to change them. Dropbox offers two ways to do this


    7. Backup Any Folder to Dropbox, Without Moving It

      • Try the little program called Link Shell Extension (download below), which adds some context menu items for files and folders to copy a file/folder and paste it somewhere else as a symbolic link.
      • How To Update A Dropbox File Without Breaking The Link.


    8. Download files from dropbox | Note: The original shared link URL may contain query string parameters already (for example, dl=0). App developers should be sure to properly parse the URL and add or modify parameters as needed.

      • You cannot download the entire folder without adding it to your Dropbox first. Since you said the folder is too large for your Dropbox, you will need to download every individual item separately like you would download any other file from the Internet (right-click the item, then Save Link/Target As...).


    9. 4 Ways to Put Music on Your iPhone Without iTunes - wikiHow

      • This will add a Dropbox folder to your desktop.
      • The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. Sign in with your Dropbox account once you have it installed.
      • Add Music to iPod Without Deleting Old Music.


    10. How to download files from dropbox shared folder

      • You cannot download the entire folder without adding it to your Dropbox first.
      • You can download the contents of an entire Dropbox folder via dropbox.com, as long as both of the following are true