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  1. FOURTH AMENDMENT | Searches and Inspections in Noncriminal Cases.—Certain

    • ’ Protection of property interests as the basis of the Fourth Amendment found easy acceptance in the Supreme Court 30 and that acceptance controlled decision in numerous cases. 31 For example, in Olmstead v. United States...


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  3. The Fourth Amendment

    • It is federal and Colorado State criminal court case-law that has determined exactly what this means relative to your criminal case.
    • This area of Fourth Amendment law is, as you might expect, very important in DUI cases for example.


  4. Fourth Amendment First Principles

    • Fourth Amendment case law is a sinking ocean liner -rudderless and badly off course - yet most scholarship contents itself.
    • For another example of how common-sense reasonableness could straighten out Fourth Amendment thinking and writing, consider elec-tronic surveillance.


  5. The Fourth Amendment | Undercover Informant Cases

    • Another prominent example of this conduit versus recipient dichotomy can be found in lower federal court cases treating cell location data as a business record not subject to Fourth Amendment protection. In a 2013 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals case...


  6. example of fourth amendment? | Yahoo Answers

    They would need your permission (legally) to search your car or purse. If one had nothing to hide, one would let them to expidite the situation. But if one wanted to put one's foot down, one would be legally able to say no and make a case of it.


  7. Do Not Disturb: Fourth Amendment Expectations of

    • It gets more complicated if the prostitute stays overnight.87 But in complicated situations, courts should apply the Fourth Amendment in a manner which follows cases involving other types of residences—for example, cases addressing the expectation of privacy held by...


  8. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a right against “unreasonable searches

    • Regardless, the Court has narrowed the exclusionary rule’s reach in Fourth Amendment cases throughout the past several decades. For example, it has barred courts’ use of the rule in civil cases, grand jury proceedings, and parole revocation hearings.


  9. Teaching about the Fourth Amendment's Protection against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures. ERIC Digest.

    • Information for creating Fourth Amendment case study lessons can be derived from the official record of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, UNITED STATES REPORTS. Standard reference books are useful sources of information on important Supreme Court cases. For example, a reliable source is THE...


  10. Fourth Amendment — Search and Seizure | THE SUPREME COURT — LEADING CASES

    • relied un-necessarily on a reasonableness balancing test borrowed from other re-cent Fourth Amendment cases.
    • 73 Murphy, supra note 2, at 183. This trend diverges from other areas of Fourth Amendment doctrine. For example, while the Court has increasingly engaged in reasonableness...