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    1. How to use SVG markers in Google Maps API v3 - Stack Overflow

      • var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: event.latLng, map: map, draggable: false, icon: icon })
      • Besides that, I believe the OP wanted the ability to rotate the arrow marker around the map point as well, which is different
      • Google Maps API 3 - Custom marker color for default (dot) marker. 25.


    2. How to rotate a marker in Google Maps? - Stack Overflow

      The API reference doesn't say anything specifically about how rotation is accomplished but since path takes an SVG-element I'd say thats how they manage to rotate it. If you create your custom marker using SVG it can be done quite easily using transform="rotate(deg centerX centerY").


    3. Rotating marker in Google Maps Javascript API V3 - Stack Overflow

      Since it is really hard to predict the future, if you don't have a real time heading from the GPS device, use the previous point and the updated point. That won't be particularly accurate if it isn't moving (or isn't moving fast enough). Function updateMarker(marker, latitude, longitude, label) { var prevPosn...


    4. javascript - Rotating image / marker image on Google map V3 - Stack Overflow

      • Google Maps API v3: How to remove all markers? 258. Google Map API v3 — set bounds and center. 503. Google Maps JS API v3 - Simple Multiple Marker Example.
      • Rotating marker in Google Maps Javascript API V3. 0.


    5. Google Maps rotate marker [duplicate]

      • Tags: javascript jquery google-maps google-maps-api-3 google-maps-markers.
      • I need to rotate a Google Maps Marker. I'm using the JavaScript v3 API. What is the best way of doing this?


    6. Symbols | Google Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

      • Activate the Google Maps JavaScript API and related services. Create appropriate keys.
      • By default, a symbol marker has a rotation of 0, and a symbol on a polyline is rotated by the angle of the edge on which it lies.


    7. Creating a map with multiple markers - Google Maps API JavaScript v3 | Marnoto

      Creating a map with multiple locations without using a database may be limited but it has its advantages where the number of places is reduced.


    8. Google Maps JS API v3 - Simple Multiple Marker Example | etechpulse - a blog about .net, c#, asp dotnet, javascript and tech

      Google Maps API Multiple Markers with InfoWindows. In my previous post I explained How can I add a place in Google Map. Here in this post I will show you how to add multiple markers with info window in asp.net web application. Find the source code below:-. Placing multiple markers on a Google Map.


    9. Marker + Label rotation - Google Maps API v3 | Stackoverflow Help | Query Starter

      • I'm using an SVG path as marker icon and am trying to rotate it based on the direction it's heading. Icon rotates properly, but i can't seem to align the label once icon is rotated.
      • var Marker = new google.maps.Marker({.


    10. Change icon of direction markers - Google Maps Playground

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      • It has infomation as result of direction, so you can pick up each steps from there. We needs the marker positions, which is in the directionStep as start_location and end_location.