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  1. Testing In-app Billing | Android Developers | Test purchases and developer account

    • Authorized license test accounts are associated with your developer account in Google Play, rather than with a specific APK or package name. Identifying an account as a test account enables it to purchase any of your in-app products without being charged.


  2. Getting Started | Google Play Developer API | Google Developers

    • The API can only be managed by the owner of your Google Play Developer account. The following instructions explain how to: Set up a new or existing API project.
    • Purchases resources are now called Purchases.subscriptions.


  3. Google Play Developer API | Android Developers

    • Editing your app Google Play Store listings, including localized text and graphics
    • Managing your in-app product catalog, your products purchase status and your app subscriptions
    • The API can only be managed by the owner of your Google Play Developer account.


  4. Voided Purchases API | Google Play Developer API | Google Developers

    • To work with the Voided Purchases API, you need to have permission to view financial information. You provide authorization using an OAuth client or a service account.
    • To learn more about gaining authorized access to Google Play Developer APIs, see the following guides


  5. Administering In-app Billing | Android Developers

    • If you already have a publisher account on Google Play, you can use your existing account.
    • Refunds for in-app purchases must be directed to you (the app developer). You can then process the refund through your Google payments merchant account.


  6. In-app Subscriptions | Android Developers | Important: You can remove the subscription product from the product list offered in your app to prevent users from seeing or purchasing it.

    • Google Play processes all payments for subscriptions through Google payments, just as it does for standard in-app products and app purchases.
    • During an account hold, neither the Android In-app Billing API nor the Google Play Developer API lists the subscription as active.


  7. Google Play Console | Android Developers

    Google Play Console. From the Google Play Console you can manage all phases of publishing and reach over 1 billion active Android users on Google Play. Test your apps and gather insights before you launch, manage distribution and pricing across Android platforms...


  8. Unity - Manual: Configuring for Google Play Store | NOTE: To test updates retaining permission to purchase IAP’s for free, one may side-load applications, updating the existing store-downloaded APK install.

    • From the Google Account that will publish the game, register the Android application with the Google Play Developer Console. NOTE: This guide uses the Google Play Alpha/Beta Testing approach for testing in-app purchase integration.


  9. In-app Billing Overview | Android Developers | Google Play Purchase Flow

    • Google Play Developer API. Multiple APK Support. APK Expansion Files.
    • You need only a Google Play Console account and a Google payments merchant account. Google Play automatically handles checkout processing with the same look and feel as app purchases.


  10. Purchases.products | Google Play Developer API | Google Developers

    • Google Play Developer API. All Products. Sign in.
    • A developer-specified string that contains supplemental information about an order.