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    1. Google is rolling out a ‘show installed apps’ toggle in the Play Store

      Although a shinning example of how Material Design should look and behave on Android, the Google Play Store could still benefit from adding a few extra usability features. It’s not list of paid apps and games we’ve really been wanting...


    2. Google Play Store not working? Here's what you can do - AndroidPIT

      • Install the latest version of Google Play Services. Reset your Google account on your device. Check your disabled apps.
      • Uninstall previous updates to Google Play. Generally, when you have a problem with an app you can just uninstall it and then reinstall it.


    3. accounts - My new Android device not showing up in Google Play - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • Later on I purchased an new Android device (a XOLO Q700). I logged into Google Play from my device and I am able install apps to the new device. But when I log in to Google Play from my laptop and hit install the list does not show my new device.


    4. How to download and install the Google Play Store - AndroidPIT

      • Install Google Play (computer method). If you don't have a data or Wi-Fi connection on your device, you can download the APK to your computer instead.
      • The latest feature to be added to Google Play is a "Show installed apps" toggle button.


    5. Apps deleted still showing as installed in google play | Forum

      • There are a few apps I deleted but when you go into Google Play under Apps installed they still show that they are installed. When you click on the icon it opens up the description of the app and it still says installed when I have deleted them.


    6. You can always redownload the Android apps you have purchased from Google Play using these steps.

      • Now I cannot reinstall an app. On My Android Apps page, it still shows that I still have my app installed even if it has been removed from phone AND My apps & games library. Google Play still shows my app installed and it doesn’t let me reinstall it.


    7. Apps installed but not showing. – Google Product Forums

      • I checked there and all the apps I attempted to install are showing there, but still not on the phone, except for Skype which since the attempt to install from Google Play I have successfully installed from Galaxy apps.


    8. Cant update apps from play store ‘Waiting for Wifi’ Mi5 MIUI 8.2 | Forum

      • I am not able to update apps either over mobile data or wifi . The progress bar keeps showing ‘Waiting for Wifi ‘ even when I’m connected to wifi.
      • Solution that worked on my Mi5: Go to Settings > installed apps > Google play store > Then clear cache and uninstall updates.


    9. uninstallation - Uninstalled apps still show up on "Apps installed on" in Google Play Store - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • Google play website shows all Apps under “My Apps” as “Installed” even uninstalled ones.
      • Google Play Store no longer shows apps installed by others in My/Installed.


    10. Google Play store not installing apps - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

      • I have the Tmo GS7, and sometimes apps would just get stuck at 100% and never install until I force close Google Play and reopen it. And there are a few other issues with my phone that I have good reason to believe are related: 1. The pictures I save to Private Mode don't show up in the Gallery for...