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    1. How can I put a YouTube song I converted into an mp3 file on iTunes? (7 replies)

      • oh thanks, but i was wondering how to put the song file/mp3 on itunes.
      • Nidesoft YouTube Video Converter could convert YouTube to many PMP video, it could work as: Youtube to iPod, Youtube to AVI, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP3, FLV to WMV


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      • How to Convert YouTube Videos Into MP3 Songs. How to Convert VIDEO_TS to MPEG-2.
      • How to Put My iPhone Music Onto My iTunes. How to save YouTube videos onto your laptop.


    3. How to put a song from youtube into itunes

      • The easiest way to download songs from YouTube, either in video or audio file format, is to use a browser extension or a converter website.
      • Now, the program will download the videos from YouTube and put them into iTunes library automatically converting all necessary settings along the...


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    5. How do you put songs from iTunes onto YouTube

      • Unless the songs from iTunes are you own work or you own the copyrights you will not be allowed to put them on YouTube.
      • out how to do it without a cable, card, or any special downloaded converter program. This wont work for your whole library, but you can at least get several songs at a time: Make...


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    7. How do you put music from YouTube on iTunes

      • You first need to convert the music from YouTube into an .mp3 file. You can do this by downloading a YouTube to mp3 converter from the Internet.
      • How do you put songs from iTunes onto YouTube?


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    10. how do i put songs from youtube into itunes

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      • youtube downloader iphone wondershare free youtube downloader for mac os x youtube converter to itunes download download youtube...