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    1. Android push notifications without google play services

      • I'm writing a system app for a device that has no Google Play Services nor Google Play Store installed. I want to implement push notifications.
      • Basically, my question is: Is it possible to make GCM work without Google account, using the old, deprecated GCM helper library?


    2. Push notifications without Google Play Services - Opera Forums

      • However, Google Play Services is a proprietary library for Android which enables many features (such as push), but which cannot be freely installed in Android devices- the device has to adhere to some Google guidelines.


    3. android - Minimum Google Play Services version for Push Notification - Stack Overflow

      • However, Push Notifications work perfectly without the update. I do not want to require my users to update Google Play Services if it is not absolutely necessary. My question: what is the minimum version that I should check for Google Play Services in order to receive Push Notifications from...


    4. Push notifications without Google Play Services | Opera forums

      • Hello! Welcome to the new Opera forums Click here for the introduction. Push notifications without Google Play Services. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it.


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      • Is it possible to use GCM without Google account AND Google Play Services on the device?
      • I'm writing a system app for a device that has no Google Play Services nor Google Play Store installed. I want to implement push notifications.


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      • Failed to Enable Push Notifications. Your Google account credentials are invalid. you won't get any push notification from Tinder (through Google Cloud
      • Snapchat without Google play services? +other problems. 1. Unable to download Google Allo from Google Play Store - Pre-register/Unregister.


    7. Android Push Notification without using GCM - Stack Overflow

      • Similar Question: Android push message without gcm possible? In addition, if you'd like to have your own server but would still let GCM take care of delivery (it really is one of the cheapest, if not free, and reliable ways to send notifications)
      • Push notificacions in Android without Google Play Services.


    8. Android push notification without firebase - Stack Overflow

      • And cons are: your users have to install Google Play Services, if your app will grow - you will pay to Firebase. Look here Android push notification without Google service.


    9. Google Play Services not Available in my new Model Tabl

      • GCM push notification will work without Google play services?


    10. How To: Install Apps from the Play Store Without Gapps or Google Services :: Gadget Hacks

      • Step 3: Install Apps Without the Need for Google Services.
      • And a lot of apps rely on Google Play Services for push notifications and the fancy location API, so it might be hard for some folks to completely skip a Gapps package.