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    1. How to Play YouTube Music on iPhone in the Background - Freemake

      How to Play YouTube Music on iPhone in the Background. Standard YouTube app and some players don’t allow you to play YouTube music in the background mode on iPhone. It can be rather uncomfortable when you want to chat with your friends, enjoy funny Instagrams...


    2. How to play YouTube in the background on iPhone or iPad - Tech Advisor

      YouTube is full of great videos to watch, but there's a whole load of music and other things which you might want to listen to while using another app. Or you might want to listen to something from YouTube and turn the screen off to save power...


    3. Top 10 Apps to Add Background Music on iOS and Android Devices

      • It’s a background music app for iPhone and iPad designed to add background music to videos before sharing on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.
      • tfgstudios Search "Real Background YouTube" on Amazon app store. This app knows to do a single thing: play youtube in background.


    4. How to Play YouTube Videos in Background using iOS 10 - AppleToolBox

      • We are hoping that iFolks will continue to enjoy music on the iPhone background using these alternatives methods. Reader Tips. Ditch the standalone YouTube app! And instead, open YouTube in a browser of your choice and hit play.


    5. How To: The Trick to Listening to YouTube in the Background on Your iPhone or iPad :: Gadget Hacks

      • How To: Use One App to Listen to Spotify, SoundCloud, & YouTube Music on Your iPhone. How To: Block YouTube Ads & Enable Background Playback on Your iPhone—No Jailbreak Needed.


    6. Play YouTube in background on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

      • But the official YouTube app has one major caveat, which prevents it from providing a complete music streaming experience on mobile devices.
      • Before iOS 10, there used to be a simple trick for playing YouTube videos in background, on iPhone and iPad.


    7. How to play YouTube Music in the background on iPhone

      • While playing any video, when you minimize YouTube app or switch to any other app, the music stops.
      • Now swipe from down to up to launch control center in iPhone/iPad, and hit the Play button. That’s it, and the YouTube Video/Music will start playing in the background.


    8. youtube background music app iphone

      • How to Play YouTube Music on iPhone in the Background. Standard YouTube app and some players don’t allow you to play YouTube music in the background mode on iPhone.


    9. How to play YouTube audio in background on an iPhone or iPad - Macworld UK

      • Get more music on your iPhone with this YouTube and BBC iPlayer trick. With this trick, you can play any audio on your iPhone in the background.
      • It doesn't work with the BBC iPlayer or YouTube app. Both websites are pretty much as good as the apps these days though, so it shouldn't be a problem.


    10. How To: Mikoto Gives Your iPhone YouTube Background Music, Contact Photos in Messages, & More :: Gadget Hacks

      Mikoto, from Karen Tsai (aka angelxwind), is a free jailbreak tweak unlike any other. With Mikoto, you can customize features in your favorite iOS apps to an extent that you would've never thought possible. Not only is the tweak elegantly designed...