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In relational databases, the information schema (information_schema) is an ANSI-standard set of read-only views which provide information about all of the tables, views, columns, and procedures in a database.


These INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are implemented as views on data dictionary tables, so queries on them retrieve information from the data dictionary


I have access to a client's V7R1 AS/400 and I can run queries like SELECT NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCEMA.TABLES and … Just fine on that. I am QSECOFR on that system.


FROM information_schema.referential_constraints AS rc. JOIN information_schema.key_column_usage AS kcu ON. ( kcu.constraint_catalog = rc.constraint_catalog OR.


The schema name of the object determines the schema to which the object belongs. A user object, such as a distinct type, function, procedure, sequence


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I want to hide all the details (table structure, database design etc). How do I do that, I searched in Google and got some information.


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