While using the updated systems and wing design of the passenger versions, it features the original short upper deck found on the classic 747s to reduce weight.


BOEING 747-400 (international, winglets) ; Aerodrome Reference Code. 4E ; Engine. Jet ; Engine Count. Multi ; Position. Underwing mounted ; Landing gear. Tricycle ...


The heavier 747-400 with improved RB211 and CF6 engines or the new PW4000 engine (the JT9D successor), and a two-crew glass cockpit, was introduced in 1989 and ...


For your next Lufthansa flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on .


Seat maps of the Boeing B747-400.


Atlas Air offers an exceptional VIP experience on our custom 747-400 VIP. This aircraft has tremendous range and can fly nonstop to virtually every corner of ...



747-400D править ... 747-400D («Domestic» — «для внутренних перевозок») является многоместной моделью, разработанной для коротких внутренних рейсов японских ...


7 апр. 2023 г. ... Lufthansa is not the only airline that still flies passengers on the 747-400, but it is by far the dominant one. There are three other airlines ...


Created by experts for the enjoyment of experts, the PMDG 747-400 Base Package will please new flight simulation enthusiasts looking for their first true ...


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